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 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

recently, I have been reading the book shoe dog, which tells how Nike founders started from acting as Arthur’s running shoes in the United States and developed step by step to today, becoming an absolute leader in the industry

To tell the truth, before 4%, Nike was the leader in the industry, but it was still in an awkward state in the field of running shoes, and there was no technology of running shoe midsole that could be used. At that time, Adidas’s boost was at its peak, and Adidas’s adios appeared in major top marathon events. But when Nike launched 4%, everything seemed to have changed. Nike chose to break through in the field of running shoes from racing shoes 2021 Nike running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

the running shoes the author is currently wearing

Through the top-level running shoes to improve the exposure and professionalism, and then drive the sales of its relatively low-end products, the facts have proved that this road is very successful. The most direct performance is the sales volume. Not only alphafly shoes are hard to find, but other ordinary running shoes are also very popular, especially Pegasus series, which is enduring

Now let’s take a look at Nike’s running shoes that are worth buying. For the convenience of reading, the catalogue of this article is as follows:

I Introduction to Nike brand running shoes

II Technical analysis of Nike running shoes

III What are Nike’s running shoes worth buying


Nike’s start-up is very interesting. Its predecessor is blue ribbon sporting goods Co., Ltd. its founder, fairknight, first represented the running shoe business of Japan’s kuzuka tiger in the United States, and then established Nike. Fairknight is a track and field team player in the University, and its most important investor, Bowman, is fairknight’s track and field team coach and likes to design his own running shoes

However, the company has the original running gene, and the founder also has a deep understanding and love for running shoes

Before 4%, although Nike has become the leader in the sports brand industry, its achievements in the field of running shoes are really poor, and there are few pairs of running shoes that can be taken out. The midsole technology of running shoes, that is, zoom air cushion, and some foam based on EVA materials, such as Phylon and lunar, did not have strong midsole technology. At least in the field of running shoes, they were hanged by Adidas boost at that time

With the emergence of 4%, the midsole technology of zoom x is amazing, which is soft and elastic, and it is still so light. Although zoom X has low yield and is not durable due to process problems, it can be an artifact of the field. What about the low service life of running shoes? Still, a shoe is hard to find. Nike also led the era of carbon board running shoes. Since then, other brands have imitated and launched carbon board running shoes. The benchmark is still Nike, and there is no sign that anyone can surpass in the short term 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

tempo racing training shoes you are wearing

Technical analysis of Nike running shoes

running shoe technology includes many aspects, such as shoe last design, upper technology, outsole grip, wear resistance, stable support, etc. today we’ll talk about the most important midsole technology. Nike’s midsole technology has also been updated and iterated for many generations. The following is divided into two parts: one is the change of midsole material, the other is Nike’s air cushion technology:

Nike’s midsole material has undergone several generations of iterations. At present, it mainly uses zoom X and react:

>> ZOOM X:

Zoom x is currently Nike’s top midsole material, which is used in top-level running shoes, such as alphafly next% and vapor next%. It is a new foaming technology made of PEBAX plastic as raw material, which is used with carbon board. It can be said to be a racing artifact on the field at present

General materials, soft, elastic and light are difficult to take into account, but zoom X has done it, and the special soft elastic is extremely light in weight

At present, the prototype technology of Nike carbon board running shoes is developed by Professor Rodger Kram of the University of Colorado. The team compared the prototype running shoes with the existing marathon running shoes, nike zoom streak running shoes and Adidas adizero adios boost 2 running shoes. The test found that the proportion of the performance of the release projectile is:

NP=87% vs. AB=75.9% vs. NS=65.5%

It is also confirmed that the running shoes equipped with zoom x save about 4% of energy consumption compared with other commercially available running shoes, which is also the source of 4% of Nike 2021 Nike running shoes worth buying have been selected for you

what I put on my feet is a pair of tempo, which is a combination of zoom X and react. It feels soft and elastic. I have never worn such soft and elastic shoes, which can only be described as amazing

However, zoom x also has its own problems. Under the current process conditions, the yield is low, the price is extremely expensive, the durability is poor, and the material has wrinkles, which affects the appearance to a certain extent. For ordinary runners, running shoes equipped with zoom x materials cost 2000, which is too expensive, and the service life of running shoes is also very short. Even if you buy them, you are only willing to wear them during the race


React should be the midsole material that Nike will vigorously promote in the future. The Phylon material before Nike uses the EVA material with secondary foaming, and the lunar, which is a mixture of EVA and NBR, has durability problems. But with the emergence of react, Nike claims to integrate cushioning, rebound, lightweight and durability

From the actual foot experience, the rebound is certainly not as good as zoom x, but it is also good, and the durability is much better than the previous lunar. Nike has been widely used after receiving good feedback in the previous trials. At present, the best-selling Pegasus 37 uses react material, which is said to be the boost of Adidas

>> Nike’s air cushion technology:

Air cushion technology is a great innovation of Nike. Its inventor is an aviation engineer of NASA. He thought of this inspiration and went to the sports brand manufacturer, but everyone didn’t think it was a good idea, so he ran into a wall everywhere. Finally, Nike absorbed this idea and had all kinds of air cushion shoes today

From the first airsole used in basketball shoes, to the super handsome air cushion leaked later, and now zoom air used on the midsole of running shoes, the air cushion technology has also experienced continuous progress and update iteration

Zoom Air has extremely fast response speed and unparalleled rebound. The air cushion is filled with macromolecular gas. Under normal circumstances, the fiber is in a tight state. After being stepped on, the macromolecular inert gas will rebound rapidly, and the fiber can play a stable role without bulging the air cushion

Nike’s running shoes worth buying

Nike’s running shoes are really many. From jogging to racing, from entry to top, people are dazzled. The key is that many runners sometimes don’t know whether the shoes with sports shoes or running shoes are used for walking or running. If they run, can they run 5km or 10km

Next, we will introduce Nike running shoes in three categories. Runners can read them on demand and recommend them in order from entry-level to top-level. Running shoes are generally selected according to their weight. Let’s divide them into three categories:

Small weight running shoes; Medium weight running shoes; Heavy weight running shoes; The weight level of women is reduced by about 10kg

>>Recommended running shoes of cushioning series

Nike revolution – low weight casual running shoes

 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying can help you choose

Nike revolution uses ordinary EVA foam. In fact, strictly speaking, it can’t be regarded as a pair of professional running shoes. It should be used for walking and running at ordinary times, or running occasionally

Nike Quest – low weight running shoes

 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying can help you choose

quest uses a full palm shaped Phylon foam midsole and waffle’s wear-resistant rubber outsole. They are quite good in Nike’s entry-level running shoes. There is no problem with running for a short distance of about 5km, and Nike’s brand strength is strong

Nike winflo 7-cost-effective medium weight running shoes

 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying can help you choose

winflo is a very cost-effective shoe with Air Zoom Air Cushion in the heel and forefoot. Moreover, the midsole of this shoe is thickened. Winflo is really a cost-effective choice for runners who want to buy Pegasus series but think Pegasus is too expensive

Nike Pegasus series – buy series with eyes closed

 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

Pegasus series is Nike’s absolute sales responsibility. It can also be regarded as running shoes that you can buy with your eyes closed. The latest Pegasus 37 forefoot zoom air cushion and react foam. The latest generation 37 improves the problem of too narrow shoe last of generations 35 and 36, which is not as crowded as the previous two generations for runners with high instep and wide instep

Nike vomero lunar series – cost-effective running shoes

 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying can help you choose

in fact, the positioning of vomero series is higher than that of Pegasus series. Vomero15 is currently a forefoot zoom zir air cushion, and the heel of vomero15 is equipped with zoom x foam that can only be used on next%. The previous generations use react foam, which is really very good


 2021 Nike running shoes worth buying,

infinity run is also the main running shoe promoted by Nike at present. This kind of running shoe is very soft and has good rebound. It uses react foam. It will be more comfortable for jogging and walking, because the running shoes are too soft and elastic, which is worse than Pegasus Series in stability, support and wrapping. It is more suitable for jogging. If the speed is relatively fast, it is recommended to start Pegasus series

>>Support series running shoes recommended

Nike and Adie’s running shoes do not distinguish between support and cushioning, and most of them are cushioning running shoes. There are very few running shoes with support system. Nike currently knows only one, structure series


 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

structure series is the only supporting shoe in Nike’s running shoe matrix. Zoom Air air cushion is used in the forefoot, which plays a supporting role through different densities of foam on the inner and outer sides of the midsole to form a dual density dynamic support system. Runners with low arch and flat feet can focus on it

>>Nike’s racing shoes series are as many as Nike’s cushioning shoes series. Some racing shoes have been discontinued or upgraded, and Nike’s product iteration cycle is also quite short. Today we will list some new and classic models on the market


 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

nike zoom fly is a reduced version of vapor next%. In those years, we should be very clear about how popular vapor was. The second breaking plan made this pair of shoes famous. Due to the process problems of zoom x material, the yield was too low and the price was too expensive. Nike also timely launched zoom fly running shoes with relatively low-end react material instead of zoom x material


 2021 Nike running shoes worth buying, I've chosen it for you.

vaporfly is a second-generation product on the basis of 4%. It’s often out of stock. It’s hard for ordinary runners to bear such a high price. Even if you have enough money, it’s also recommended not to buy it if your marathon performance is not achieved within 4H. It’s not a matter of money. This pair of running shoes is also difficult to control. If you don’t have enough water, you will be more tired


 2021 Nike's running shoes worth buying have been selected for you

tempo Nike’s official definition is racing training shoes, which can be understood as the reduced version of alphafly without carbon board. The full-length zoom X configuration is replaced by the mixed combination of zoom X and react. This shoe is also meant to replace the current TurbO2, and TurbO2 is difficult to buy at present. It may be bad to stop production

When I was shopping, I picked up a missing pair of 700 yuan in the offline store. After I put my feet on, I felt: soft bullet, super soft bullet, but the midsole is too thick and has poor stability. It’s really hard to control. It feels like flying when running. It should be better if I changed to full-length zoom X 2021 Nike running shoes worth buying have helped you choose

Nike zoomx alpha fly next%

Alphafly is Nike’s latest top racing shoe. On the basis of vapor, zoom air is added to form the configuration of Zoom Air Zoom x carbon fiber board, which is a great success

At present, this pair of shoes can’t be bought! nowhere to buy it! nowhere to buy it! Everyone should see clearly when buying. Be careful and don’t buy fake. If you buy fake casual shoes, you won’t get hurt, but if you buy fake running shoes, you may get hurt, so be careful

Finally, I wish everyone can buy their favorite running shoes. It is a very happy thing to wear their favorite running shoes to run


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