Wed. May 18th, 2022

In March every year, it is difficult for people who pay attention to sneakers to take their eyes away from the air max. This is one of the most classic series in Nike history and one of the most charming air cushions, which always evokes people’s feelings

Today, let’s talk about Nike’s classic air max and their stories


 nike air cushion sneakers, which series do you like?


Nike air max series, as the running shoe series of Nike, occupies an important position in the hearts of sneaker lovers. The Nike Air Max 95 is unique

This Nike Air Max 95 shoe is made of a mixture of yellow and beige with green leaf details, and the upper is made of a variety of materials. The eyelet, tongue brand, mini swoosh and visual air unit are highlighted in brown and yellow, and the special label of this air max 95 is also printed on the heel. The shoes are simple and bright as a whole, and the classic retro appearance is full of charm


 nike air cushion sneakers, which series do you like?


As the first Nike running shoe with a full-length air unit, the air max 97 attracts fans with a retro look and exaggerated air unit. The body of this pair of running shoes is mainly in pink and tender colors full of girlish heart, and adopts layered design of different depths. The pink part of the upper is made of suede, which is quite furry on the surface of peach. The small s woosh on the side is wrapped in white to add a touch of detail to the whole

The translucent outsole has the texture of peach pulp, which is very sweet. If you choose this pair as a gift for a girl, you will probably be praised


 nike air cushion sneakers, which series do you like?


The Nike Air Force 270 shoe updates the extraordinary air force shoe of the 1990s with an upgraded large, soft max air unit. The fashion finally returns to the classic ~ it can also be said to be a reincarnation. The overall design is full of retro flavor. I like this tone. Sports style and leisure style can be switched at will, which can be said to be a clear current in the recent popular shoes~

In fact, Nike’s air cushion has many other shoes. Let’s talk about so much today. We’ll talk about other contents later~

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